September 9, 2019


Fuller and More Satisfying

Yes, Elliott was wise and knew he wanted a Fuller, richer and more dynamically robust frequency response—gorgeous tone and playability to match—from an electric guitar. Something that makes you gasp in delight from the first strum.

To find Fuller, Elliott enlisted the assistance of a musical “Sherpa guide” and so sought out the sagacious council of Fuller’s Guitar—a fantastic shop and the premier Anderson Dealer in the Houston, Texas, area. And even more importantly, they are super-nice people—a very essential aspect for any of life’s quests…when done to their fullest.

Yes, Elliott needed an Anderson Guitar, that goes without saying. This is the magnificent Anderson axe he chose and how he outfitted it to suit his personality and taste.

Fancying a “T” shape, with the ability to extensively customize a legendary performer, Elliott chose the T-Classic model.

Elliott selected a solid body with contours—forearm and back—for a more comfortable playing experience. And for aesthetic purposes, he opted for a custom binding edge on a Satin Black finished all-Alder body, that he chose for its familiarly dominating tonal qualities. Crowning that look with a Pearl Black pickguard was a touch of bold styling seldom seen.

One of the many cool possibilities available for the T-Classic is either a “Traditional” 25 1/2-inch scale length or a “Shorty” 24 3/4-inch. “Shorty” was Elliott’s option to grant a bit more of a mid-focused voice and ease of playability. Some might even call this aspect a “secret weapon” for a T-style instrument.

Several bridge alternatives are also obtainable for T-Classic and Elliott graced his guitar with our elegant and excellently operating Vintage Tremolo for unwaveringly, wavering function.

Ah yes, without a doubt, fuller and more rewarding musical experiences now lie ahead for Elliott and his Ande, T-Classic.