November 5, 2018


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No, Not The Great Mongol King

You may be thinking of Genghis Kahn—the Mongol King.

We are talking about Mongrel…this Satin Black beauty is the Anderson Mongrel, yes still a supreme kahn (king) in the guitar realm—that is indisputable.

The word Mongrel is defined as:

noun: (1) A dog of mixed or indeterminate breed. (2) Any animal or plant resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties. (3) Any cross between different things, especially if inharmonious or indiscriminate.

The Anderson Mongrel is defined as:

One of the members of the most fantastic family of electric guitars on Earth. Mongrel is uniquely distinguished by its T-shaped Body topped by an S-style Pickguard—a mixed breed guitar.

Furthermore, its T-body is highlighted by comfortable and cozy S-style contours while its S-pickguard allows the controls to layout in a comfortable S-fashion.

Mongrel is available in both Traditional, 25 1/2-inch and Shorter, 24 3/4-inch scale lengths, solid or hollow body and with all Anderson Pickups and super-versatile Switching systems, so you can tune Mongrel’s baying tones to your liking—licensing you to be “top dog” in any style of music.

Editor’s Note: Apologies for the irresistible word play above.

Headed to Nashville, this Mongrel will be on display in Guitar Center’s Platinum Room under the watchful and loving care of Tony Higbee—but who knows for how long before someone adopts this pleasing puppy as their very own.

Editor’s Note 2: Sorry, did it again. This guitar is just too much fun to play with—in every way.

But seriously for a moment, speaking of too much fun...

To play with this Mongrel, in person, with its Alder body and SC1, SC1, HC2 pickups was a truly awe-inspiring and impressive experience. Giant, rich and full-bodied tones from all pickups resound with present and soothing articulation, presented with a gorgeous percussive bloom—so sweet and dominate. When you can experience this Anderson-thing for yourself you will be uncontrollably compelled to exclaim, out loud so that everyone can hear you, “I’ve never-ever-ever heard or played anything better than this!! I love my Mongol...wait, I mean Mongrel. I love my Mongrel!”


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