April 1, 2019


Think We Need To Apologize?

For what?

Well, for sending such a gorgeous Angel to Midwood Guitar Studio, as their very first, maple-topped Anderson guitar.  

So I guess what we are asking is this: Should we apologize for being so ding-dang pretty and so darn good looking and so fun to play with?

Ahhhh…maybe not!?

Midwood is a fantastic shop that is now joyously receiving their first Anderson Guitars. Although Matt and Robinson are very experienced with Anderson Guitarworks from other ventures, this is Midwood’s first foray into “Andersonland.”

Are they happy?

Well…the very first Anderson they received was a gorgeous Raven finished in Metallic Ice Blue—a solid color.

Editor’s Note: You may be able to view that one on their website.

When all the guys of Midwood took Raven for a test drive they unanimously announced that the Raven is the “Best Playing Guitar we have in the store.” And…that is in a store full of the best guitars available.

Almost needless to say, the Raven disappeared as quickly as it arrived—went home with a very well-deserving guitar player in the neighborhood.


But now…

This Angel is winging its way to them as we type. Can you even imagine the reaction when they lay eyes (and ears) on their first-ever Ande with a maple top?

Heavenly 24 fret sounds will be heard from Midwood tonight. Let’s Play!