October 8, 2018


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And If You Thought the Last Guitar, Appearing In Guitar Tales, Looked Like It Fell Off The Stage…

Check out this Pro Am finished in, what’s left of, Translucent Blonde. Like it has toured the world—but still plays and sounds profoundly fantastic. Well of course it does, it is an Anderson guitar.

Its gigged-everywhere disposition is complements of our “In-Distress” finishing process, this one manifesting at Level 3.

Want to know more about “In Distress” finishes at Anderson Guitarworks? You can get any Anderson guitar model that features an all tone-wood body, as a Level 1, 2 or 3. And this is how it all lays out:

In-Distress Level 1: Aged and Checking Paint

In-Distress Level 2: Aged and Checking Paint and some Rub-Through

In-Distress Level 3: More Extreme Aging and Checking Paint and Rub-Through

From the mind of Tony Higbee came this profusely-played-in Pro Am. And how cool is Tony? Well, not only is he the Platinum Room manager at Nashville’s Guitar Center, but he is also a professional guitar player that tours with Tom Keifer from the band Cinderella.

Tony enjoys and often specs his Andersons with the pickup combination of: TV1, occupying the neck, and an HC-series humbucker in the bridge position, all neatly ordered by super versatile 5-Way switching that fast and furiously offers up:

1. Neck

2. Neck + Bridge (split)

3. Neck + Bridge (full power)

4. Bridge (split)

5. Bridge (full power)

Right now Tony is loving the vintage power level, HC1+ at the bridge as he proclaimed it his “favorite pickup.”

And elaborating on the Pro Am voice, “Such a Dynamic Sounding instrument. One of my favorite guitars we have ever done.”

Now starring at the Platinum Room in Nashville, Tennessee.


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