December 10, 2018


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Super Natural Talent

Some people just have it, but Kui got a double dose. Not only is Jason nutty-talented but so is his Anderson, Angel—also Super Natural.

Ah yes, this Jason Kui, Angel was requested to be finished as Satin Super Natural Black Burst.

Editor’s Note: All Anderson colors can be had with a Satin or Gloss sheen. It’s your delightful choice. (With the exception of In-Distress which has its own worn theme and sheen to complement).

From our paint point of view, what is denoted by the “Super Natural” designation is its even more natural central area—of no color, completely natural wood shining through, un-hued.

And consequently, it is from this perspective that you can tell just what kind of maple top Jason selected for his Angel, as this one’s particular medium-tan wood hues come “bursting” through.

Each and every guitar unique, a fantastic tribute to the beauty and infinity of are we all.

Action shots: Super nice (which is the most important quality) and super natural Jason performing with the signature Kui magic, opening for Marty Friedman and Polyphia in Hong Kong—a very big thing!!