July 15, 2019


Phenomenons Of Nature

The majesty of the natural world is a gift, meant to remind us that we are encompassed  by beauty, peace, wholeness, love, completeness and infinite intelligence. 

Pause and watch in awareness and you will see it, undeniable, right there before you. It appears everyday in every way in an uncountable amount of different manifested forms, and you may select your favorites.

For instance, when we travel to the Arctic regions of our planet we can witness the dancing lights of the Northern night sky, known as the Aurora borealis (named by Galileo). 

Another phenomenon inspired by the Arctic is Natural Arctic Blue Burst—where figured maple joins with gorgeous natural wood and blue hued color tones to reveal this Anderson Angel’s gift of nature.  

Look closely and you will know that beauty and superior performance surround you now. Anderson—best playing, best sounding electric guitars on Earth.