May 30, 2017

This Bird Can Sing
Look closely at this Raven and tell us how it seems to differ from the Raven Classic guitars we have already shared?  If you said it looks as though it is made up of 1080 dots per square inch, you are way too close to your computer screen. You may want to move back to a normal viewing distance and try again. 
Okay, that's better. Now tell us what you see. 
Dark Honey Burst highlighting gently swirling, wood grain—beautifully linear and elongated in its visual presentation. 
All it takes is strumming one wonderfully in-tune chord to reveal the super-musical character of this guitar, distinguished by gorgeous and full low end awash with sweet, soothing and abundant highs, while the open midrange allows overtones to have space in which to flourish. 
What is going on here?
You are in the presence of the sonic presents a Swamp Ash body can bestow—rich lows, sparkling high and open midrange that is not thick, yet rich and complex...and gorgeous sounding. 
This "Swamp Ash" Raven Classic landed at the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas, intending to add another flavor to the Raven family—to complement and contrast with the all-Mahogany power of the Raven Superbird and the quintessential nature of an "Alder" Raven Classic.
And it did just that—spectacularly offering another dimension of Raven magic to this awesome offset guitar format...
for about 11 minutes... 
Or until Adam stepped into the "hallowed halls" of The Guitar Sanctuary where (divine sanctuary guide) Clint Franzen directed Adam's gaze upward.  One look at this Raven brought it from the wall and to his arms, and one strum (or a few) changed the way Adam would forever feel about the abilities of an offset guitar in his arsenal—Anderson unparalleled stability and playability at work. 
Adam, a really good blues-style guitar player in his own right, now has this Dark Honey Burst, "Swamp Ash," Raven to rely on and enjoy for the most magnificent manifestations of his many musical adventures. 
Happy Playing Adam!
  • MODEL: – Raven Classic
  • BODY STYLE: – Solid 
  • SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch—traditional
  • BODY WOOD: – Swamp Ash
  • FINISH: – Dark Honey Burst
  • NECK WOOD: – Caramel Maple
  • HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Natural Satin
  • NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin
  • NECK BACKSHAPE: – Even Taper +.030
  • NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch 
  • FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel
  • BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo
  • TUNING GEAR: – Locking 
  • HARDWARE COLOR: – Chrome
  • NECK PICKUP: – PH1 - with Open Face Nickel Cover
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: – HC2 - with Open Face Nickel Cover
  • PICKGUARD: – Pearl White
  • SWITCHING: – 3-Way Big Toggle with 2 Cut Switches - for 8 sounds
  • SWITCH TIP: – Off White
  • STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010 -.046 Custom
  • DESTINATION/LOCATION: – The Guitar Sanctuary, McKinney, Texas
  • 11-09-16N