May 14, 2018


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The Key
...and continuing from the last edition of Guitar Tales:
Many ask, what is the key to Kui tone?
Jason Kui that is…
Editor’s note, Kui is pronounced: Koo-wee
So in this instance, the key to Jason Kui’s mesmerizing and enjoyable playing at the NAMM Show performances, and everywhere else for that matter, is his… 
Satin…Key Lime Burst, Angel.
Now, of course the other key to his Key Lime is also how you interact with other aspects to present and project your tone outward.
Normally he plugs straight into a Mesa/Boogie, Mark Five: 35.  
For NAMM it was a Surf Green, Mesa and an, easy to use and to carry,  Eventide H9, for Reverb and Delay, right into the effects loop.  
For bigger gigs on the road, he still opts for the Mesa/Boogie, Mark Five: 35 through 2, 2x12 closed-back cabs.  Into the effects loop goes the Line 6 Helix and on the front end of the amp, a EVH Wah Pedal.
And that is all there is to it except…Jason himself.
And as we said before, a really nice guy with a really nice touch.
Enjoy the pictures from NAMM.  I think our favorites have to be the ones with the audience playing air guitar.  
This really says it all.
And these guys are not just fans enjoying the day but superb guitar players in their own right and yet they are so moved by Jason’s playing and performance energy that they had to join in on the jam with the easiest guitar to grab—an air-guitar. But of course, in their mind, their air-guitar is…an Anderson. 
Not only can you enjoy his live-playing photos in Guitar Tales but you definitely should hear him play.  Check out his new album, “Absence of Words,” on all major online music sources and enjoy.
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And as we have stated before, to see this guy bound around the stage in pure exuberance is something to behold and thoroughly enjoy.  This video is a warmup for that experience with a studio version of his fantastic tune: Morning Breeze. 
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