March 18, 2019


As The Moon Rises To Illuminate A Darkened Sky, A Dense Mist Rolls Across The Moors

A hound bays in the distance. A shiver runs up your spine as you turn up the collar of your jacket and quicken your step toward home.

And...what if the mist were burgundy? What would it actually look like?

What are we talking about?

Well, just being fun and wanting to answer a frequently asked question:

What does the vintage color Burgundy Mist actually look like when it is new and shiny gloss?

We dug through the Anderson photo archives and found these beautiful pictures of The Classic, shot in September of 2016 and daylight color balanced in defused light to 5250K.

And what does that all mean? It means that this is the most accurate photo rendition of Burgundy Mist you can find on the web. No need to run from the mist any “moor.”  

Now that’s even more fun.

Editor’s Note: In-Distress, Burgundy Mist (when the finish is aged) is a darker shade than when Burgundy Mist is new and shiny gloss.