September 5, 2018


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Distressing Dreams
Anderson Artist, Sean Ashe awoke in the middle of the night with a start. Head in a whirl, he realized that he just had another one of his crazy-distressing dreams.  Momentarily he was unsure, which way was up?  Where is down?  In which hemisphere do cyclones spin counter-clockwise and is Cap’n Crunch a real person and if so what does he actually eat for breakfast?
Clearly Sean was temporarily confused and distressed.
Sometimes distressing dreams can be a good thing—a really good thing—when you are happily and obsessively dreaming of an Anderson, T-Icon—finished with our In-Distress vintage-aged paint process. 
Old and new and so cool, all at the same time—with absolutely no performance loss—Anderson-level playability is always with you. 
But Sean wanted to push the boundaries of color even deeper into the depths of distress, by envisioning an In-Distress finish in…Orange. 
Yes, you could confidently say that Sean was having serious tangerine dreams. 
Unable to disregard his longings any longer, Sean dialed Anderson Guitarworks and we checked our In-Distress paint pallet for anything that could satiate a tangerine dream. 
Ah yes, fortunately we do have an In-Distress color known as Tangerine Pearl. Elated, Sean selected a Level 2, In-Distress treatment. 
Editor’s Note: Level 2 is denoted as: Aged and Checking Paint and some Rub-Through
Of his new, (or is it old) T-Icon in Tangerine Pearl, Sean says, “This is my favorite T-style guitar I have ever seen or played on Earth. I am like a kid in a candy store with it—although the Caramel neck does not chew as well as real caramel—but that’s a good thing for guitar playing.”
Editor’s Note again: Sean is totally kidding about chewing his neck. We hope we really didn’t have to explain that. Ha. 
Sean continued, “This T-Icon is an inspiration machine for me. It is inspiring a lot of new music and I am now working on a new album, which will feature this wonderful guitar.“
Congratulations, Mr. Tangerine Man.