July 9, 2018


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Anyone For A Mint?
Technically an herb, Sage, is a member of the mint family and its grayish green leaves are used for medicine and cooking—like: parsley, Sage, rosemary and thyme—perhaps in a nice cranberry sauce.  
The real power of Sage is its mystical healing energy and its value in Native American spiritual purifying ceremonies.
And some say that the other real-real power of Sage is when it is manifested as Metallic Sage Green and appears on a Raven—to fly free.
One strum and you definitely know I’m not just sayin’ stuff (although I am sayin’ stuff). But Raven is vibrantly alive, brilliant and robust with the sweetest chordal harmonies you have ever, ever heard from an electric guitar—for sure.
And giant, single note playing is so precise, fluid and sustaining that you may have a very hard time letting go of its gorgeously jet-fast Caramel Maple neck—but who would want to anyway?
Twin and balanced PH-series pickups listen carefully to every nuance Raven utters and projects outward with superlative Soapbar sounds—that can run in full or cut power modes for 8 wonderful tonalities.  All is controlled via a simple Big 3 Way and 2 Mini-Toggle switching layout.
You are now free to fully inhale the healthy, mystical, magical powers of the Raven, in Metallic Sage Green.