November 12, 2018


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A Boo Boo?

No…it is not—but magnificence in another, unplanned, form.

Yes, mistakes can be made by anyone and everyone. And oftentimes those that make them regret and lament—sometimes almost endlessly—imprisoning joy and creativity.

But do mistakes ever go out the door at Anderson Guitarworks?

No they do not!!

And why is that?

Because a mistake is not a mistake unless it is left unresolved, leaving its hidden secret unrecognized.

But understood as the gift of redirection that it actually is, realignment and opportunity offers itself uninhibited, bringing something new and delightful and perhaps even previously unthought of—as good or better than before. It can be the seed of innovation—with an open mind, seeing the opportunities as they appear before you and then acting upon them.

Like this:

With literally hundreds and hundreds of Anderson colors available to embellish your very own Anderson Guitar, this formidably aggressive Cobra S was ordered as Light Desert Sunset—a gorgeous Trans Amber center bursting to a “lightened” Trans Brown outer edge.

But…in a moment of inversion, a whole new color was born: Golden Sand Sunset—a lightened inner core of iridescent golden sand hues framed by the striking contrast of a traditional dark outer bursted edge.

Exclamations of joyous exuberance could be heard throughout the Anderson complex as this brand new and dramatic hue appeared on the horizon.

Another gorgeous Anderson color brought to you accidentally on purpose—but who’s to say which it really is.

Light Desert Sunset, Cobra S will be re-built and delivered as originally intended while this gorgeous new Golden Sand Sunset “Elapidae” will go on its merry way to Northwest Guitars—in the Pacific Northwest—Seattle area of Washington.

Yes, it is…all good!