July 23, 2018


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Isn’t It Just Downright Silly
How popular Metallic Ice Blue is on an Icon Classic—or any of our other magnificent vintage-themed guitars, for that matter?
And yes, Icon certainly could be one of the most iconic of these massively playable instruments.
Think of it…Metallic Ice Blue shimmering and refracting rays under the stage lights—glistening gorgeously.
And as gorgeously glistening as this vintage Icon can be, it is even more silly how excellent it plays and how ridiculously awesome it resounds—ringing out huge, multidimensional tone…so pleasingly in tune.
Can anything get better than this?
Hang on while I check…
Done Checking!  
Nope. Absolutely not!  Nothing can even compare.  So there you have it, unscientific proof positive that nothing but nothing comes close to the unbridled performance of an Icon Classic finished in Metallic Ice Blue—or any “Ande” in any color for that matter.
Shall we say it?  Yes, Metallic Ice Blue—too cool!
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