September 5, 2017


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Can You Top a Top T
Good question, but the answer is an unequivocal: Not even… 
There is actually no possible way that anyone can ever top a Top T…unless we are talking about topping its contoured, beautiful wood top with your favorite flavor of color—then, and only then, does it become entirely possible to top a Top T with your top finish choice from Anderson’s extensive color library.
So then, if we go a bit further and apply frozen yogurt logic (which we do not necessarily recommend), it is like selecting a yummy topping for your Top T.  
This Top T’s quilted maple top is topped with a gorgeous Natural Red Burst finish.  Be forewarned, If you love red, viewing this Top T’s images up close and full-screen may render you incoherently happy for weeks to follow.  It is a common phenomenon known as the “Anderson Affect.”
Editor’s Note: Anytime the word “natural” appears in a color name it denotes the presence of natural wood and the color—showing together.
We are frequently asked: “What is the most versatile guitar?  Is there one that can do it all?”  
And if there is one body shape that can most effectively play all styles and crossover into different musical genres and back again with ultimate ease, it would have to be a modified “T-shape" instrument—done right, of course.
This is especially true if the guitar is configured with a Humbucker/Single/Humbucker pickup layout—like the one before you now.
Add to that versatile switching and you can come as close as is possible to having it “all” in one guitar.  
Most popular is Anderson’s 5-Way switching setups.  They operate with complete traditional 5 function familiarity—easy—and yet are not confined to only the traditional combinations of which all guitar players are most familiar.  Anderson 5-Way setups can yield upwards of 16 easily-accessible sounds with just the flick of a switch.    
And if that is not enough to satisfy your varied tonal desires, you may opt for a Switcheroo switching system—as shown here.  The Switcheroo system produces so many sonic combinations that we have never been able to count that high.
So, there you have it, unscientific proof that the only way to top a Top T is with your favorite color.  Who could complain about that?  Its time to Play. 
  • MODEL: – Top T
  • BODY STYLE: – Solid 
  • SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch—traditional
  • BODY WOOD: – Quilt Maple Top on Basswood
  • FINISH: – Natural Red Burst
  • BODY BACK COLOR: – Matching
  • NECK WOOD: – Maple
  • HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Matching Gloss
  • NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin
  • NECK BACKSHAPE: – Even-Taper
  • NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch 
  • FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel
  • BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo—Exclusive Anderson
  • TUNING GEAR: – Locking—Exclusive Anderson 
  • HARDWARE COLOR: – Chrome
  • NECK PICKUP: – H1-
  • SWITCHING: – Switcheroo
  • PU RINGS & SWITCH TIP: – Black rings / no tip
  • STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating
  • DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Elite Music Sales, Montgomery, Alabama  
  • 07-09-17P