June 18, 2018


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Your Bandmate
Shows up at rehearsal with a new “XYZ” brand of guitar.  That’s okay.  You were going to get a new axe yourself one day, anyway. 
Then he starts talking to you about his “fat tone,” and cool vintage sunburst finish.  And that you should really have a guitar with humbuckers, front and rear, like he has, to be able to get those “other tones.” that you cannot get from your current guitar. 
And although he does seem to struggle with his new guitar a bit, he doesn’t seem to notice—but you do.  That’s okay too. 
But yes, it would be nice to get that “other tone”—giant, focused humbucker flavors—but have it rip effortlessly and easily with astounding intonational accuracy.  Just the best, big-fat guitar tone you could ever touch—and still have it pop forward with a bit of sweet articulation.  And play like butter. 
Yeah, that would really be nice. 
Don’t worry, this is no time to come down with a case of new guitar envy but rather it is time for a clear head and an open heart.  It is time for TGD: Total Guitar Dominance.
But how will you easily and unquestionably accomplish that?
Enough is enough. You cannot wait any longer. 
The following week you walk into rehearsal, new case in hand. Springing open the latches and lifting the lid reveals your new...Cobra. An audible gasp can be heard throughout the room.  (It may be time to get used to hearing that sound.)
You don’t say a word. You really don’t have to. Your bandmate speaks, 
“Ah, an Anderson Cobra. I have heard about these but have never actually seen one in person or played one.  May I touch it?”
You magnanimously agree.  He strums a few chords, executes a few of his favorite runs...and pauses. 
“Beautiful!  Oh my gosh!  Beautiful playing, beautiful sounding and even beautiful looking.  Wow!  So this is an Anderson. Wow!”
Seemingly reluctantly, he hands it back to you. And did you see him wipe a tear?  No...well maybe, yes?
Plugged through the amp, best and most inspiring rehearsal you’ve had—maybe ever. Cobra’s all-Mahogany superstructure and shorter scale length dominate the room. And the tones...fabulous. 
Headed for home, you are deeply satisfied but not really wondering what brand of guitar your bandmate will show up with next. Yes, you already know the answer to that question. 
Fun times. Life is good. 
Guitar Tales chart - Cobra.png