October 19, 2016

Get On Your Board Shorts And Dive In
You could almost swim in the waves of blue quilted maple on the surface of this Drop Top, finished in Jacks Pacific Blue Burst.  And speaking of swimming, we are metaphorically swimming in guitars—for 30-plus years now.  
Yes, Anderson Guitarworks has been about building the world’s best electric guitars for the last 30-plus years—Tom himself, 10 years before that.  And we are still going…stronger than ever, building the best guitars of all time—of any time in history.  At this point we have surpassed 20,000 Andersons.  That is a lot of “Andes.”  But more importantly, we have listened intently and tested and celebrated each and every instrument that has ever been created here in our Newbury Park, California, facility—literally, each and every one.  
Because we love it—the whole process from creation to reveling in the best playing and best sounding electric guitars on Earth.  We love it, so you can love it too.  It’s like all of us jammin’ together and enjoying.  What a vision.  Guitar playing bliss.
The best guitars of all time, and always improving—becoming markedly better with each passing year—refinements, big and small, on every level are always taking place behind the scenes.
But perhaps the most important aspect is, the inner core of Anderson Guitarworks has constantly remained the same.  Those guys who grew up playing and gigging the original electric guitars, who understood and bonded with them so completely that they could reliably and consistently strive to refine and improve every aspect of that magical playing experience—lifting it to a visionary level of unprecedented and unparalleled performance.  All you have to do is pick one up and play it to know this is not hyperbole.   
Many companies (maybe most) begin with a vision but after a handful of years that company is sold and the original vision becomes merely a memory or legend that the successors are trying to follow in some way.  But here at Anderson Guitarworks it has remained as one focused group of people with one focused vision throughout, only growing stronger everyday—so you can have the very best artistic and playing experience possible.
And it is really good to know that everything we build is done with conscious consideration to every aspect involved.  All woods and materials, paints, workers and associates are handled with care and respect during every facet of the Anderson creation process so our planet thrives as well.
Now I think it is time.  We all need to know, who won the Anderson lottery?  Who, by the luck of the draw, or a mere twist of fate, got this 20,000th Anderson Guitar?  
Speaking distinctively and clearly, we can now announce…the Drop Top goes to: 
Distinctive Guitar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  
They ordered this guitar for Miles—at the time, none of us ever realizing that this Jack’s Pacific Blue Burst, Drop Top would become the 20,000th Anderson ever!
  • MODEL: – Drop Top
  • BODY STYLE: – Solid
  • SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch—traditional
  • BODY WOOD: – Quilted Maple Top on Mahogany Back
  • FINISH: Jack’s Pacific Blue Burst with Binding
  • BODY BACK COLOR: – same
  • NECK WOOD: – Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard
  • HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Matching Satin
  • NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin
  • NECK BACKSHAPE: – Even Taper
  • NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch
  • FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel
  • BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo
  • TUNING GEAR: – Locking
  • HARDWARE COLOR: – Chrome
  • NECK PICKUP: – H1-
  • SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Add-Bridge and Splitter
  • SWITCH TIP: – Black
  • STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating
  • DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Distinctive Guitar, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 06-27-16A