February 25, 2019


We Don’t Really Need To Write A Word About This Guitar

Do we?

Except for to say—new color:

Abalone to Deep Ocean Blue Burst.

Ha. Yes!

However…we probably do need to have a little Anderson Abalone lineage lesson.

As you know you are now viewing Abalone to Deep Ocean Blue Burst. Looking deep into the central shades you can see both blue and purple hues radiating from its iridescent core—like the inside of a shiny abalone shell as sunlight refracts from its curved surface.

But to make the most of the essence of this Abalone theme, in the Anderson Abalone family of fine finishes there are 3 versions.

There is also:

Abalone: https://www.andersonguitarworks.com/namm-2019/2019/1/24/day-1-guitar-1-abalone-angel

Abalone to Purple Burst: https://www.andersonguitarworks.com/guitar-tales/2018/7/30/july-30-2018

Enjoy the Abalone views.


Guitar Tales chart(2).png