May 6, 2019


Anderson Spoiler Alert—Photo Breach!

Like the movies of the Marvel Universe, we guard our photos carefully (usually at least two guard dogs and a dental record scanner) until the time of their official release.

And why not?! Andersons are highly coveted and immensely desired instruments that everyone wants to see and play.  

This magnificent Icon Classic, painted Black, In-Distress Level 2, was ordered by one of our beloved Anderson Artists, Jason Kui.

But apparently Jason could not wait (who could actually blame him) and posted these shots on his social media last week—you may or may not have seen them—but thank goodness you are officially seeing them now.

Apparently he surreptitiously entered the Anderson facility dressed as Roy (or Captain America, hard to actually differentiate between the two without the shield) and absconded with the images of his newest Anderson, an Icon Classic finished in Black, In-Distress Level 2.

Not to be out done, we caught the next midnight flight to Hong Kong. Still dressed as Captain America, we counter-breached his video facility and grabbed this first–ever video of Jason’s Black Icon, recorded through a very small practice amp and into the mic of an iPhone:


Can’t wait to hear it roar through his Mesa rig.

Wow. I’d say we are now even, and both benefiting from a fun and symbiotic relationship.

Everyone wins, isn’t that the way all situations should resolve?  

Truly Happy Playing.

And Jason had this to say about his new Icon:

“Unplugged tone—very loud and clear with full, rich and round sounding highs. I think it’s because of the good selection of woods, they really resonate throughout the whole guitar. And my chest can totally feel it.

I love those pickups, they are vintage sounding, but not thin. I especially love the neck pickup, VA7.2, it’s so sweet and fat.

I have the secret wiring in the middle position—position 3. (maybe not a secret anymore) But I ordered mine reverse from the new standard Anderson switching setup. It is Neck and Bridge pickups in position 3 when the Push/Push knob is down and Middle pickup alone when the Push/Push is up.

The VA Boost beefs it up. When I need more output or gain, I can get it instantly!”