June 24, 2019


Do Not Remove Your Anderson Swim Fins Just Yet

As we are continuing with our ocean theme in this edition of Guitar Tales. 

Last week we showed you a Drop Top Classic finished in Abalone to Deep Ocean Blue Burst—all shiny and glossy and new and beautiful.


But now standing in sharp, but totally cool, contrast is another kind of gorgeous—an Icon Classic that looks as though it has lived and gigged at the beach for the last 50 years. It is Ocean Turquoise, aged to perfection with our In-Distress, Level 3 finishing process. 

Editor’s Note: In-Distress finishes are available in 4 levels (or 3 1/2 depending on they way you prefer to count things):

In-Distress Level 1: Aged and Checking Paint

In-Distress Level 2: Aged and Checking Paint and some Rub-Through

In-Distress Level 3: More Extreme Aging and Checking Paint and Rub-Through

In Distress Level 3-DD: Double Decker - Two colors, one painted atop the other with Level 3 Distressing.

The richest and most gorgeous electric guitar voice ever heard—beautiful Anderson-tuned vintage tones effortlessly abound from Icon. 

Gliding across the best feeling neck is guitar playing bliss—smooth, fast stainless steel frets that string bend like butter while imparting more tonal vibrations directly into the neck wood.