October 22, 2018


Taken Completely By Surprise

Who was?


And who is Billy when he is not at home brushing his teeth?

The one and only Billy Campbell, that’s who. The guitar player extraordinaire who performs with the super-fun Country duo Locash.

Being a professional guitarist, Billy has played a lot of the best guitars offered—but that was before—once he strummed the first chord on his Anderson everything changed—so much for the better.

Billy has entered Guitar Bliss, becoming One with his new Anderson, Guardian Angel—24 frets of nirvana. You might say he is beside himself (figuratively, not literally as that would break the laws of physics as we understand them on this planet).

Billy had heard the legendary Anderson tales and could wait no longer so he grabbed his Guardian from The Guitar Sanctuary’s store stock—that way he was able to have his first one arrive to him in a day.

Unboxing and snapping open the case latches revealed the Natural Black Burst, Guardian Angel in person. Billy meet Ande, Ande meet Billy. Yes, it certainly was visual love at first sight.

But strapping in was a whole other matter. The bond was instantaneous. Not heavy and super-easy to play, he was even impressed by the twin rear strap buttons, he said, “I was surprised, those two rear strap buttons are a significant improvement. Not only does it not fall over when you have to set it down for a moment but it adds a very nice adjustment to the ‘hang’.”

Billy continued, “The neck and playability are super fast and easy, the fingerboard radius is perfect for endless bending.”

But it was plugging in that totally sealed the deal for this seasoned player. “This is the first guitar I ever got that came out of the case completely ready to play. I did not make one adjustment to it, just picked it up and played it on the tour. Astounding.”

“Everyone was complimenting me on its tone, sound guys—everyone.”

“Rich, full single coils without any harshness but still clear. It is amazing how Anderson does this.”

“And the humbucker is also so right-on, not the least bit harsh, it is thick and yet clear.” “I was able to turn my amp gain down a bit and everything was still sustaining and powerful. So great!”

Editor’s note: Billy’s blissful “Angel” is outfitted with a full complement of SC1, SC1, H3 pickups (from neck to bridge respectively).

Billy keeps his signal path rather unencumbered for pure guitar tones to hit the amp face-on.

His Ande is routed straight into a volume pedal and then introduced to either a BB-preamp or a Keeley Red Dirt. From there it makes its way to a TC Phaser and Wampler Delay and then cascades right into the front of a Victory V30 amp.

So then, the only question that may remain is: What Anderson is next for Billy—because you know you can’t play just one? Pull your chair in close to the screen and let me whisper to your computer. Well, if you can keep a secret, rumor has it that the next in line may be an In-Distress, Guardian Angel Player finished in a well-worn Tobacco Burst.

Now, how cool is that!?!? 24 fret elevated Anderson performance completely wrapped in a super-cool, aged vintage vibe.

Oh yes, we will keep you posted.