July 1, 2019


And The Cobra S Goes To…

Yes, this Cobra S is going to a super, high profile artist but we cannot yet reveal his name [Neal Schon]. 

Instead we are employing a new, high tech, cloaking encryption system so you will not be able [Neal Schon] to see his name inside the bracketed area of this text. The area within the brackets will just remain blank space [Neal Schon] and you will not be able to see his name [Neal Schon].

We can say this though, this certain artist [Neal Schon] has been on quite a journey with us over the years and has several Anderson guitars. Lately, he seems to particularly enjoy Cobra and Cobra S models, outfitted with Cobra’s new and enlarged palette of options.

This is probably because guitars from our Cobra-family project their presence with absolute authority. But more on that later.  

We apologize that we are not able to reveal the name [Neal Schon] of this renown artist but with the newest cloaking encryption system in place, [Neal Schon] we cannot. All you can see is blank space between the brackets and no name appears [Neal Schon]. 


The only way to know who’s name is actually inside the brackets [Neal Schon] is to have the special, high level Anderson clearance decryption systems enabled. And the only way to have those activated is to be a loved and highly-valued Anderson Player or Friend. So yes, only those wonderful people that are loved can actually read the top secret name [Neal Schon] inside the brackets. 

That is how the network was designed. It is a high-tech, love-based clearance system.    

And speaking of love let’s talk about what makes the beloved Cobra, a Cobra.

Any guitar within the Cobra-family is defined by its: Mahogany Body, Mahogany-backed neck and shorter 24 3/4-inch scale length. It is this magic amalgamation that gives all Cobras their formidable, mid-focused voice. 

And we do not even need to mention (but we will) that Cobra (like all Anderson guitars) plays like melting butter—super fast, smooth and sleek. Really just a joy to hold and play—in every way. 

So we would like to take a moment and thank this unknown artist [Neal Schon] for his bodacious nerve to play with Cobras—Anderson Cobras, that is.