December 17, 2018


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So Joe Said...

“Can you do it like a Honey Burst, but without the burst?”

And since we were “topping” maple, I said, “like a Natural Honey?”

“Yeah…something like that.”

We were intrigued and an immediate (and fun) High Level Meeting ensued with Hunter and Patrick, two of the paint geniuses of Anderson Guitarworks Finishing.

We discussed the feasibility and joy of creating the very first Natural Honey.

And this is the aftermath of Anderson honey goodness.

Yes, Joe, of Northfield Music, was so right-on with his vision of a Top T Classic slathered in raw wait...I mean, painted in Natural Honey.

Joe is the owner and super nice guy of Northfield Music and this is the Anderson, Top T Classic he chose for the store.

And so well specced, a gorgeous and super versatile “T”-style axe with extra tonal flavors courtesy of a Single/Single/Humbucker pickup layout, Vintage Tremolo bridge and super-fast and multifaceted Switching.

Really good taste’n honey. Some might even go so far as to say: a very sweet guitar.