July 30, 2018


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Hunting For A New Color

Look no further than Hunter.  Who is Hunter?  Why he is here, hiding in plain sight inside the Anderson Guitarworks Paint Department.
Hunter is the Stain Master—or is that Master Stainer—either way, it is Hunter who is primarily responsible for the crux of those fabulous colors appearing on our Maple Tops—making grown men and women weep with joy.
Hunter painting 1.jpg
Some say he spent years on a mountaintop in the South of France learning to hear the hues and colors whisper to him in silence.
Others say that is pure falderal.
Either way, it was his latest snorkeling experience that let to this new color manifestation.  Abalone.  This Drop Top pictured here is Abalone to Transparent Purple Burst (without binding).
And note that this Drop Top has another fun appointment—a Caramel Maple neck back with a Chocolate Maple fingerboard (without front fret markers and Liminay side dots)—for that all-Maple neck tone with the darker hues this wood combination visually provides.
We look forward, in the future, to seeing other iterations, in all Abalone and Abalone to Deep Ocean Blue Burst finishes, also radiating the subtle blue and purple hues inherent in Abalone.
Happy Whispering.
Guitar Tales chart.png