March 1, 2018

T-Icon (Esquire-style) In-Distress - and Having Fun
The first and foremost thing you need to know is: 
T-Icon is our iconic T instrument.  
Not only defined by its ridiculously elevated playing prowess but visually and functionally with a traditional 3-saddle bridge (compensated for impeccable intonation) and a baseplate that surrounds and houses a wide array of T-sized Anderson pickups. 
And although you can get a T Icon with a beautiful High Gloss or Satin finish this one is In-Distress!
Yes, its paint is our new/old In-Distress treatment, that allows it to appear well played-in and mis-treated—fresh out of the case.  
LaVern ordered his T Icon, Esquire-style—but what is meant by the title: Esquire?
Well, in guitar terminology, Esquire refers to a T-style instrument that only has a bridge pickup and no neck pickup.  
Editor’s note: No neck pickup was harmed or even used in the shooting of the shots of this guitar’s photo session.
So, with an Esquire package, all tonal duties fall to the bridge pickup, manipulated and managed in surprising ways by the 3-Way switching. 
Editor’s Note Again: This particular T Icon, was specced by LaVern with its control plate reversed—a preference some players enjoy.
But any way you choose to configure your T Icon, you know it will definitely be your favorite new/old (or in-between) guitar.
02-02-18A Specs.png