June 4, 2018


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What Is Even More Impressive Looking Than Superman’s Ice Cave Home?
The Fortress of Solitude.
Superman’s house—said to be located in some undisclosed area of the Arctic Circle—does not even hold a candle to the beauty of Natural Arctic Blue Burst on an Anderson super-powered Angel.
Need we really say more?
5 fret bending in a single bound, super in-tune chords and the easiest playing necks on Earth—are just a taste of amazing Angel powers.
Gaze deeply and enjoy.
This Angel now appearing at Guitars Etc in Longmont, Colorado.  
Hey, could the actual secret location of the Fortress of Solitude be in Longmont Colorado?  You never know.
And speaking of Superman, Grant Morrison, a famous comic book writer, once said, 
“Somewhere in our darkest night we made up the story of a man who will never let us down.”
Within the modern mythology of this mythical character the deepest longings of the human heart are epitomized. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all long for a better world, a safe place where things perceived as “out of balance” are made right.  And what this really means is, we yearn for a planet of love, where everything happens because it is right and good, where we recognize, honor and support each other’s highest nature. We have the power.  Isn’t it time that we begin to make this a reality?
Yes, it certainly is. 


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