October 7, 2019


Rising From the Horizon Line

Sunlight breaks free, refracting across the shallows with an illuminating yellow glow of first light just touching down. As the waters increase in depth so do its hues—greens are first to appear, transitioning to deeper aquas (Bora Bora) and finally culminating in a gorgeous Transparent Blue.

For many players this is the inspiration of the finish: Maui Kazowie Surf.    

An then there is Brian’s Guitars in Cheshire, Connecticut…

Take a look at what they have done speccing this one…

They have taken the appointments of this Drop Top to new heights—framing its Quilted Maple, Maui Kazowie Surf color scheme with a White body-back and complementary White headstock—uniquely highlighted by a custom Bora Bora Blue, Anderson logo. 

Now how cool and unique is that? The very first one. 

If you were to think that Brian’s Guitars may have an eye for distinctly beautiful designs, you would certainly be correct.