May 20, 2019



Quick, everyone hide, Mario’s coming.

Mario has not yet seen his new Pro Am T. So, we thought we would surprise him when he walks in the door (logs onto Guitar Tales). He will see it for the very first time in Guitar Tales with all of you—like a big guitar surprise party—online—and you’re all invited. Here, put on this pointy party hat...or not.

Mario is a really fantastic human being who is a definite benefit to this planet, and…he also works for Mesa/Boogie, designing their signal management line of products, buffers, switchers, midi controllers and other such cool things.

Mario has been an Anderson Player from the moment he first got his hands on one. This Pro Am T will add another dimension to his Anderson arsenal.

Pro Am T is defined by its:

• T-shape

• All-Tonewood body

• Clean, non-pickguard look

He had this to say about choosing the Pro Am T this time around:

Recently seeing Andersons outfitted with the “Baby Floyd” bridge—all the function of a floating bridge and no dreaded locking nut—it was clear that my next guitar had to have that bridge…and two humbucks for muscle. So, the Pro Am T clearly became the way to go. Coolest “T” ever.

I have tried a lot of humbuckers in my life and I really dig the HF series pickups. Beautifully gorgeous, full mids. Bottom end is perfect, tight, focused and clear. While the top end is bright but without a touch of harshness—just sweet highs. They are the pickups that I have been hearing in my head for years and have never been able to find…until now. So good.  

Oh, Mario’s here. Everybody ready!? Scream with us—all together now: SURPRISE! Happy Pro Am T to you.