September 17, 2018


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Can You Imagine

…Living life in peace?

Certainly an extremely worthwhile endeavor. Hey, let’s all do that together right now.

And also…

Can you imagine…whose guitar this might be?

Guesses? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay Hint: Think giant, prehistoric, fire-breathing, flying lizard—really big ones—of European and Asian folklore.



No, sorry, they are not flyers or fire-breathers. You in the back of the room with your hand up, what do you think?

King Kong?

Ah…no he is actually a primate—has thumbs and fur.

Any other guesses?


Well, he does breathe fire but no flying…so

Anyone else?

Yes, you right in the front row wearing a baseball cap mysteriously pulled down over your face looking like a very famous person incognito, what do you think?

Wayne Sermon!

Wow, well that was…surprisingly direct and to the point. Yes, it is Wayne Sermon?! And this is his gorgeous guitar.

Very nice! And a very good guess…I guess?

All together now, let’s… Imagine Dragons.



Guitar Tales chart.png