June 17, 2019


So Anderson, Where Do Abalones Come From?

Well, crawl up here “lil Hans Christian” [fill in your own name here] and sit on our proverbial Anderson Guitarworks lap and we will tell you another Guitar Tales’ tale.

Since the beginning of time as we know it Abalones have come from the ocean. And live inside their shell, with its gorgeous, shiny, silvery-gray interior with striations of purple and blue hues to enliven their environment. So beautiful, in fact, that once the shells are outgrown and no longer needed, they are enjoyed for their astounding beauty.

So what if you were to take that astounding beauty and replicate it on the best playing and best sounding electric guitar on Earth?

Pretty cool, right?

And to make matters even more dramatic, wrap it with a Deep Ocean Blue bursted edge? (A fitting burst color choice for an abalone shell wouldn’t you say?)

That would really be something and that would be exactly what we did with this Drop Top Classic—the first Drop Top Classic (with its classic pickguard styling) to get this opulent oceanic treatment.