April 22, 2019


A Quick Pic?

That is a request we are asked rather frequently, “Can I get a quick pic of my guitar”

And respectfully the answer has to be, no.

Not because we are big meanies but for the same reason that we don’t do quick fret jobs or build quick necks or install your hardware with high-speed, air-ratchet guns or paint your guitar with a can of spray paint and a  popsicle stick. Everything has to be as wonderful as we can possibly make it for you…including the photos of the guitars.

So when Mark (a super-great guy) of World Guitars Ltd in the United Kingdom, asked for his customer, if we could, “get a quick pic,” of Marco’s, Top T while waiting for customs papers, we had to say…

No sorry, we do not do “quick pics,” but…in some cases, it just might delight you to check out Guitar Tales—for a non-quick pic.

Thanks so much Marco and World Guitars Ltd for a wonderful Top T, with a Koa top and Natural Mahogany back, finished in Black Shaded Edge Teardrop.

A special guitar for a special Marco. Happy Playing.