April 16, 2018


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Naturally, it is Naturally Eye-Opening
To love and be impressed with this Natural Mocha, Top T Classic…is…well…natural.  I mean, who wouldn’t be…impressed? 
Especially with the special specs that Tony Higbee of the Guitar Center in Nashville specced out.
Tony wanted everyone to faint (he did promise he would catch them on the way down) as they first laid eyes on the special appointment of this Top T Classic.
He adeptly opted for Black Hardware to complement and strengthen the profound statement made by the Black Pickguard against the Natural Mocha’s Quilted Maple Top and all Caramel Maple neck.  And the final finishing highlight is the touch of “bling” the chrome pickup covers add to the mix.
So, it is really no wonder that one of our pictures of this Top T Classic was surreptitiously absconded with and posted prior to our official release and without our knowledge.  Rumors abounded and misinformation swirled about its speculated specifications.  
A high-level data breach.
But we know exactly how to handle such matters.  
Our reaction: The crack unit known as the “Anderson Data Intercept Task Force” sprang into action.  Dressed all in black and parachuting from helicopters under the cover of night, their skilled and calculated response: post more pictures and celebrate this Top T Classic.
So…we did…we are…celebrating.  Celebrate with us.
TTC Nat Mocha specs.png