April 23, 2018


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So what happens…
What happens when what?
What happens when you do stuff to Purple…that’s what?
So what is the stuff you are doing to Purple?  
Well, burst stuff…in a Purple sort of way.
Tell me more?
Okay then, lean in closer to the monitor and we will expound.
What if you took a pinch of Natural Purple and stained an amazing Anderson, Tubular Quilted, Maple top?  Now it radiates with an astoundingly dramatic Natural Purple hue.
Wow…but there is more.  
Burst it outward into the deep color statement of Transparent Purple.
Now you have Natural Purple Burst.
But, we are not finished…
Finally, when no one is looking, you add a swoosh of black to its outer perimeter to complete its…Bursting.
And Kaboom! (Note: the word “kaboom” is a simulated bursting sound used for enhanced sonic text effects.) Looks like a telescopic image of a supernova exploding somewhere in the universe.
And you have: The very first Natural Purple to Transparent Purple to Black Burst, “Ande,” Angel
It is Purple here Purple there Purple, Purple everywhere—except for the outer edge as you fall into the infinity of space—or realize that it is actually black paint—whichever descriptor suits you most.
Purple does have a mystical magical power for those that love its purple nature.  You might even say, it is spellbinding for all purple lovers everywhere.
All of this purple majesty and to have the best tone and best playability you have ever experienced, that would be totally typical of an Anderson Angel.
This one is now hiding in plain sight at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas—a product of a delightful universal experiment gone wild.
Guitar Tales chart.png