March 25, 2019


You Don’t See One Of These Just Laying

Around Everyday, Now Do You?

Take your shoes off. Watch your step.

What a thing to find in the middle of your floor, a Guardian Angel in Satin

Atlantic Storm with a Satin Natural back, set alight with a Pearl White


It’s a gift—a very rare manifestation of Atlantic Storm (maybe the only one

to date).

If I were you, I’d play it. Go ahead. No one’s looking…and its on the floor.

(Yes, a super clean floor, so no worries there. Why do you think we had you

take your shoes off?)

And…they say Andersons are the best playing, best sounding guitars on

Earth. And why not!? Shouldn’t you, at least try it.

Imagine the almost unstoppable resonance of an Anderson, Guardian

Angel, attended by H1 and H3 pickups—easily switchable through 6

excellent sound variants—pumping through your favorite amp.

Too much to take? Maybe…but all in a good way.

We simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this one with you.


Guitar Tales chart.png