June 3, 2019


Sweet Dreams Chuck

As the first rays of daylight broke through the window, he began to rouse. Fighting to stay asleep for as long as possible, Chuck was trying to preserve a dream…a dream he did not want to end.  

It is 1963 and Chuck is now 10 years old. Endowed with a natural musical gift, he had already learned to play guitar. But now it felt as though he was being called, immersed in a Candy Apple Red, S-style guitar vision. He really wanted that instrument but was afraid that if he awoke it would slip from his grasp.    

Every night after that, Chuck would lay in bed thinking about that particular guitar but never had the dream again.

So he did what any self-respecting 10 year old guitar player would do, he pestered his dad for a Candy Apple Red. His father magnanimously bought him another type of guitar, painted Candy Apple Red. And although Chuck greatly appreciated it, the guitar just did not have the tone and playability he had experienced in his life-changing dream on that fateful night.

Chuck did go on to become a life-long guitar player, playing professionally for 10 years—between 1977 and 1987—a session player in St. Louis and Kansas City and on the road as a touring musician.  

And then Chuck discovered Anderson Guitarworks and never looked back again—well almost. But he was fulfilled and happy because he had finally found the tone and playability he had always dreamed about all those years ago.

From that magical Anderson moment forward, Chuck exclusively and contently played Anderson Guitars but—apparently—there was always an old Candy Apple Red hole in his musical heart.

Until one day…

Chuck was visiting the Anderson Guitarworks website and saw…an Icon with the optional In-Distress finishing process and just about lost his mind. Quickly, he launched the online Anderson Artist Spec Sheet and hit the drop-down menu for Body Finish. Alphabetically listed under the Cs he could see those faithful words staring back at him: “Candy Apple Red.” A shiver ran down his spine.

He was immediately aware that now the best playing and best sounding guitar could visually be just like his vision.

Ordering was not-even debatable as he immediately specced his never-forgotten dream into reality—an Icon in Candy Apple Red, In-Distress level 3, with every aspect just as he wanted it to be.

Chuck…Oh, Chuck…it’s okay to wake up now, your dream has become reality. Happy Playing, from all of us at Anderson Guitarworks.