May 13, 2019


The Sun Is Approaching

The Northern Tropic.

Yes, it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere of our beautiful planet. And, as the sun arrives at the Northern Tropic, in June, it will mark the beginning of summer.

(Happy Winter to all our friends in the Southern Hemisphere).

For the north, this means longer days, backyard parties in the evenings and gigging all night long—so fun.

Many may feel that they need a guitar to accessorize and celebrate this season of fun and sun.

Dive deep into the Maui Kazowie finish adorning this Crowdster Plus 2.  Will it be your summer fun color choice?

But the biggest summer benefit comes by strapping into Crowdster. All of your live-music acoustic guitar duties are now well taken care of.

On stage there will be no more worrying or wondering if your acoustic guitar tones will feedback and fade into the background, as “Crowdy” will always take control of your sound in a most dynamic and responsible way—with no problems.

From now on, with Crowdster in hand, you are in acoustic guitar command! Yes, really you will be. What a great feeling.

And if you choose Crowdster Plus 2, from the Crowdster line up, you get the added plus of 2 electric guitar pickups (that are especially designed to listen to bronze strings) to balance and blend with your piezo pickup for astonishing, simultaneous electric and acoustic guitar tones.

Often times as you begin to play in this way an audible gasp can be heard from the audience. Not joking, yes, it really is that impressive.

Crowdster comes in 3 trim levels:

1. Crowdster: fabulous piezo acoustic pickup only for acoustic command of the stage.

2. Crowdster Plus: fabulous piezo acoustic pickup and 1 electric pickup for acoustic and electric guitar dominance in one guitar.

3. Crowdster Plus 2: fabulous piezo acoustic pickup and 2 electric pickups for acoustic and electric guitar dominance and versatility in one guitar.