Angel - Anderson magnificence in a 24 fret format of pure playing performance. Angel is crowned and enlivened by its gorgeous maple, koa or walnut top.

Angel Player - The "player's" Angel, rips to the new heights of 24 fret performance with a traditional all tone-wood body. Every bit as awesome as Angel but with more down-to-business visual cues (music business, that is, always good).

Guardian Angel - It is the pickguard and gorgeous body wood that defines the "Guardian's" individuality. Our magnificent Angel with pickguard styling also soars into the upper registers of 24 frets with effortless ease.

Guardian Angel Player - The "player's" guitar. A pickguard spotlights its all vintage tone-wood body but Guardian Angel Player does not hold back any of Angel's superior Anderson 24 fret performance. Vintage-vibe with a buttery 24 fret reach.