Angel: 24 frets of super-fast playability


Angel in Natural Arctic Blue Burst

Angel is:
  • Gorgeous exotic wood-topped body.
  • Unique Angel body silhouette for easy access to the upper-most frets and beautifully balanced playability. 
  • Comfortably sculpted front and back contours.

For those of you who know Anderson Guitarworks, think of Angel as a Drop Top with a full two-octave range.  But that is just the beginning.  Completely designed and aligned from the ground up to be a 24 fret "angel" of a guitar with unparalleled abilities.  We gorgeously reshaped and balanced the body to allow extended access to the upper frets, via the deeper cut-aways and longer horns.

As with all Anderson Guitars, Angel is endowed with the best playing guitar necks—Anderson’s legendary, super-fast and ultra-easy playability in a medley of back shapes.  Easy to fly.

The absence of pickup rings contributes to Angel's more modern, clean lines but (as with most everything here at Anderson) also serves a higher purpose of elevated performance.  No pickup ring styling enables the neck pickup to nestle nearer the 24th harmonic for the richest “24” neck tone obtainable.  Lush.

All Anderson pickups and pickup layouts are available for Angel so you can outfit as you prefer and access all your favorite electric guitar tones—and much more—via our familiar and intuitive, multi-dimensional, 5-Way, 3-Way or Switcheroo switching setups, which easily brings all sounds you could ever imagine under your command.  


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