July 29, 2019


We Told Him Not To

Hunter ready to paint Gamma Angel

We said, don’t do any more gamma experiments in the Anderson laboratory without completely closing the containment doors and simultaneously energizing electrostatic shielding. Pretty standard stuff when working with a gamma particle accelerator. 

But Hunter (one of our highly skilled Anderson Paint Science Artisans) did it anyway—mad experiments—and unleashed an:

Angel…Rage Monster, finished in Gamma Green.

This one is kept in ionic equilibrium by its Natural Swamp Ash body back and Caramel Maple neck—that plays jet-fast. 

Sonic systems are populated by a trio of our dominate and multi-dimensional H-series pickups, H1-, SF1, H2+, —from neck to bridge respectively. 

While total tonal control is managed by our simply advanced switching: 5-Way: 3 = M, N+B with Splitter.

So what this means to you is:

5-Way functions normally—as you would expect:

1 = Neck
2 = Neck + Middle
3 = Middle
4 = Middle + Bridge
5 = Bridge

And, if you choose to use more…

Position 3 is selectable—accessed by the Push/Pull Tone Control. You can have either: 

Middle pickup – down (default)

Neck + Bridge pickups – up

*Since the middle switching position is the most obvious place to find either of these two useful pickup combinations on most guitars, we made it easily selectable here—in position 3.

Mini-Toggle is a Splitter for the humbuckers. 

*For an HSH configuration: positions 2 & 4 are auto-split and positions 1, 3 & 5 are manually splittable (with the mini-toggle switch) 

With a Gamma Green, Angel, in hand you should now be able to play with fury—maybe even Nick Fury—or not.