December 27, 2017


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Oh, The Weather Outside May Be “Frightful” But This Holiday Angel Is So Darn...Delightful
Sometimes you don’t need to say anything more, just stand there (or sit) in stillness…
And gaze at an Angel on this gorgeous winter day—making sure to open the pictures full-screen to receive Angel’s abounding Natural Bora Blue Burst blessing. 
Sing it with us (to the tune of Winter Wonderland)
Twin HC-series humbuckers, are you listening, 
Pickup covers, are a glistening,  
A beautiful sight, playing tonight, 
Jamming in a winter (Anderson Angel) wonderland.  
Happiest of Happy Anderson Holiday wishes to you.  May all your moments be “Merry and Bright.”
P.S. To our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, we recognize your season as well and we know you are warm. Please be so kind as to substitute the word “summer” where we have “winter” in the text above. 
Happy Everything to Everyone - as it should be. Peace on Earth - so easy and so natural. 
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