August 12, 2019


Your Mother Probably Told You

She warned you not to play with cobras, didn’t she? Generally very good advice, “Honey, leave the elapidae alone.”

But that is because she wasn’t talking about the magnificent Anderson, Cobra—of that, she would totally approve—absolutely no worries there. 

Mother knows that an Anderson, Cobra will take good care of you and your music—making everything you play just that much more enjoyable. Maybe even more so finished like this one—in Abalone to Transparent Purple Burst.  

Everyone loves an Anderson, Cobra because it is king (cobra)—crowned by a Quilt or Flame Maple body top and supported entirely by a Mahogany superstructure (body-back and neck-back) and shorter, 24 3/4-inch scale-length. 

This manifests as focused and muscular midrange aggression while still remaining super musical—thanks to Anderson’s multi-dimensional demeanor and awesomely in-tune manners. 

Pump that powerful persona through twin HC-series humbuckers, placed under the command of a multifaceted and easy-to-access 5-Way switch (6 total sounds), and you have complete dominance for gig, recording session or that super-fun jam.  

When we say it does not get any better than this what we mean is: 

It Does Not Get Any Better Than This!!!

Yes, really, you mother is right about Cobra!