May 7, 2018


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Ladies and gentlemen… Jason Kui
Playing at our NAMM Show booth and all over the world. 
Yes, that was Jason’s Guardian Angel Player in Sonic Blue that graced our pages and mysteriously appeared in last week’s Guitar Tales—and what a tale it has to tell.
Not only is Jason one of the nicest people you could ever hang out with but to hear him play in person is to feel as though you are being lifted to another realm—a realm of fantastic musical enjoyment and melody, enacted with thrilling expertise, while being drawn into his super-fun vibe of pure joy with what he is playing.
He does have “the touch.”
For our NAMM Performances his weapons of choice were his Guardian Angel Player in Sonic Blue and his Angel in Satin Key Lime Burst. 
This week we will elaborate on his Guardian Angel Player and next week we will dive into the depths of the Keys—his “Key Lime,”Angel—so stay tuned for that.
But right now its the Guardian Angel Player that he specifically had us do in Sonic Blue—a super-popular vintage hue. 
A Guardian Angel Player is immediately recognizable by its attributes of:
  • 24 frets
  • All-Tonewood body
  • Pickguard styling
The Guardian Angel Player is definitely the most vintage-vibey instrument of our Angel-family lineup.  This is the guitar you grab when you want to remain true to vintage tones and looks, but effortlessly reach higher and farther—a full four octaves of jet-fast flying fingers. 
When it was Jason’s turn to take the “stage” he walked up and plugged straight into the Surf Green, Mesa/Boogie, Mark Five: 35 and blasted out stellar tones with ease and fluidity. 
Tonal Bliss!
We will talk more about his settings and setup next week but for now we think it is extremely important to note how Jason’s wardrobe choices coordinate with his guitar.  
Okay, maybe we have gone a bit too far.  Just forget we even said that.
Not only can you enjoy his live-playing photos in Guitar Tales but you definitely should hear him play.  Check out his new album, “Absence of Words,” on all major online music sources and enjoy.

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And as we intimated, to see this guy bound around the stage in pure joy is something to behold and thoroughly enjoy.  This video is a warmup for that experience with a studio version of his fantastic tune: Morning Breeze.