T Classic


Concerning the T Classic, Guitar Player Magazine stated, “In our humble estimation, it just doesn't get any better than this.”

T Classic in Seafoam Green

By now everybody but everybody knows that the coolest traditional T-style guitar is the T Classic, and has been such for a long time now. Out of 36 “T” guitars tested in Guitar Player Magazine’s “Tele Shoot Out” in the July 1993 issue, the T Classic won it all! 
  • Traditional pickguard trim.
  • Traditional control plate plays host to a 3-Way or 5-Way layout that will deliver so many sounds you will have to add songs to your set list to use them all.
  • Solid or hollow body chambers.
One of these is what you play when you want ripping "T" tones that jump to the forefront of the mix while being supported by rich low-mids.

T Classic in Transparent butterscotch