T Classic - Time honored layout with many Anderson perks. 25 1/2-inch scale, traditional pickguard and control layout. Tone wood body, contours or not.

T Icon - New for 2018, please contact us for more info.

Top T Classic - The majesty of a maple top(or other) crowns a tone wood body with full body contours. Traditional pickguard and control plate punctuate this guitar with the deep roots of rock. 25/1/2 inch scale.

Top T - Not a pickguard in sight here, but instead a stunning maple, walnut or koa top astride a wonderful tone wood back and full body contours. 25 1/2-inch scale length and almost any pickup configuration you can imagine.

Mongrel - "T" body framework, overlaid with an "S" pickguard and all the versatility and benefits it bestows. 25 1/2-inch scale length.

Drop Mongrel - Same as Mongrel above, with the addition of your choice of exotic tone-wood top!