Featured Artist: Mike Campese


04-23-10P_Mike Campese-all wrapped up.jpg

So Smooth and So Fast…

That when Mike Campese stopped by Anderson Guitarworks, we had  to tie him down to the amp, with guitar cables, to keep him grounded (both physically, electrically and in a disciplinary fashion) while we got this shot.

Such a photogenic artist—and such a fun guy. Love him—but kids…don’t try this at home. No one needs to be grounded…like this. 



Featured Artist: Brian Oaks


Ready To Come Out And Play…With Cobras

Not as dangerous as it first may seem when you read the header. Let’s meet Brian.

This is the magnificent Brian Oaks, running through final prep before taking the stage with Paul Brandt.

Paul is an amazingly conscious country artist that is a master of connecting with his audience and Brian is his guitar player—very nice arrangement for everyone.

Brian is pictured here with his two Anderson babies…Cobra S in Starry Night Black and Cobra T in Sparkle Silver.

They (all of them, Brian, Paul and the two Cobras, plus the rest of the band) were on a huge tour across Canada.

And…this is what Brian wanted you to know:

“LOVE my Andersons. Played these two every night.”

“I had my Andersons out on a 5 week tour of Canada with Paul Brandt. At some points it was - 50° and my guitars were on the semi for 15 hours. Every time they were pulled off of the truck, they were ready to play. How many guitars can you say could do this?”

“The thing about my Anderson guitars is that they are perfect. Every detail from frets to finish. The consistency of these, guitar-playing-wise, is unbelievable. Mine travel quite a bit and have had zero issues going from climate to climate. This is amazing.”

Brian also wanted us to mention that he always uses Elixir strings—always—and feels that they are a big contributing factor to his playing and performance consistency.

Thanks Brian and Paul. Happy Anderson Gigging.



Featured Arist: Eric Steckel


Eric With his Drop Top Classic

    In an era where pedalboards, laptops and samples have become commonplace, Eric Steckel goes against the grain and harkens his listeners back to the days when great guitars were played loudly through great amps. Hailed by many as the top rising star of Blues/Rock, Eric delivers a powerhouse performance that has left audiences in 22 countries (and counting) mesmerized. He brings an energy and passion to the stage that never disappoints and is a must see for fans of vintage guitar rock.
    On Eric's latest studio album, "Black Gold," he takes listeners on a musical roller-coaster ride that embodies the human spirit and captures the emotions of daily life. His most diverse album to date, fans of vintage guitar rock will immediately fall in love with Black Gold. From soft, dynamic Blues ballads to heavy, low-tuned Rock anthems, Eric’s signature guitar style is front and center. No pedals, samples or drum machines. No apologies for turning it up to 11. This is rock the way they used to make it.
    Few young guitarists can improve on Eric Steckel's impressive resume. Eric's debut CD, "A Few Degrees Warmer", was recorded live in April 2002 when he was just 11 years old. It wasn’t long until he appeared at the 2003 Sarasota Blues Festival where Eric's powerful set became the talk of the day. Before the night was over Eric was introduced by British Blues/Rock legend, John Mayall as the youngest guitarist ever on stage with the Bluesbreakers. Eric left a lasting impression on Mayall and, in 2004 Mayall invited Eric to appear in Sweden, Norway and Denmark during The Bluesbreakers’ Scandinavian Tour. In early 2005, Eric traveled to Los Angeles where he joined Mayall for session work on the "Road Dogs" record.

Eric with his Drop Top Classic

    Eric then spent the following years filled with marquee festival dates and sold out concert tours in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Italy. He opened for Johnny Winter at The Paradiso in Amsterdam, thrilled audiences at the Tegelen Bluesrock Festival and shared the prime-time bill with Gregg Allman at the legendary Pistoia Blues Festival.
    Throughout his teens and young adulthood, Eric released several critically acclaimed live and studio albums. 2006's "Havana" was a hit among Blues guitar lovers and tracks from this album are still featured often on SiriusXM's Bluesville station. 2008's "Feels Like Home" featured the talented Duane Trucks on drums and recalled the 70's southern rock era. Hits from this album such as "The Ghetto" and "Just Walk Away" receive regular airplay to this day. In 2012, after years on the road, Eric entered the studio once again to record a powerful modern Blues record. "Dismantle The Sun" emerged. Last year, Eric embarked on a quest to record a fully transatlantic studio album with some of the finest producers, engineers and musicians he knew. This led to "Black Gold" being recorded in both Nashville, Tennessee and Amsterdam, Netherlands and is Eric's most successful album to date and a fan favorite.
    Road-tested and seasoned from 19 years on stage and in the studio, yet young enough to deliver the passion and feeling of the Blues to a wider audience, Eric is a skilled player with a powerful voice and a winning personality.
    Eric has been featured in Classic Rock Magazine, Blues Rock Review Magazine, Nightwatcher's House of Rock, The Allentown (PA) Morning Call, The Doylestown (PA) Intelligencer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The (NY) Times-Herald Record, Music Head Magazine, The Warren (NJ) Reporter Forum, Guitar World Magazine, The Easton (PA) Express, The Bridgewater (NJ) Courier Times, The Sarasota (FL) Herald-Tribune, the Lancaster (PA) Sunday News and The Florida Times Union. International press includes features in the Haagshe Courant, De Telegraaph, BluesMagazine (NL) and a MusikMaker (NL) feature. Eric was also featured in a Comcast CN8 TV News Extra and he has appeared on NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Comcast CN8, Fox Philadelphia, SNN6 in Sarasota and Reuters TV.
For more information, see www.ericsteckel.com

Gear Profile

  • Bogner Helios 100
  • Diezel Einstein
  • 1969 Marshall 4x12 cab



Eric with his Drop Top Classic
Eric with his Cobra S

Featured Artist: Sean Ashe


Sean with his Gingerburst Angel

    Since childhood, Sean Ashe has found himself immersed in the world of music. Growing up in a musical household, his father a guitarist, Sean naturally was attracted to both making music, and performing music.  He started playing drums at the early age of 2, learning parts from classic rock music, and then moved onto piano at the age of 6. While never taking piano seriously, he still used it as a tool to write melodies and chord progressions, as well as learning songs from his favorite movies or video games.
    Sean eventually found his niche as a guitarist at 13 years old. Initially drawing heavy influence from Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Blues, Sean spent many focused hours every day, practicing and working towards being a better musician.

Sean's Angel in Gingerburst

    Sean quickly found himself listening to, and absorbing, many styles of music, from Progressive Rock/Metal to Pop to Funk to Jazz.  This music which pushed him to work even harder at honing his craft and eventually he was practicing 8 hours a day.  
    After several years, he utilized social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook to spread his playing across the globe, as well as his original music and ideas.  In September 2013, Sean released his first solo single "Luminescence".  This song was written, recorded, mixed/mastered, and released within 7 days.  After getting numerous requests for a full album, Sean set out to refine his voice on the instrument and develop his compositions.  In May 2014, Sean decided to release yet another single, "Hemisphere”. 
    Sean then spent the majority of 2014 and 2015 writing his debut album, 'Flux', which was released on January 12, 2016.  Sean is currently writing another release.
See www.seanashemusic.com for more about Sean.
Also, check out Sean's Angel

Gear Profile

  • Mesa Boogie Mark Series



Sean with his Guardian Angel Player
Sean with his Angel