Featured Artist: Brian Oaks


Ready To Come Out And Play…With Cobras

Not as dangerous as it first may seem when you read the header. Let’s meet Brian.

This is the magnificent Brian Oaks, running through final prep before taking the stage with Paul Brandt.

Paul is an amazingly conscious country artist that is a master of connecting with his audience and Brian is his guitar player—very nice arrangement for everyone.

Brian is pictured here with his two Anderson babies…Cobra S in Starry Night Black and Cobra T in Sparkle Silver.

They (all of them, Brian, Paul and the two Cobras, plus the rest of the band) were on a huge tour across Canada.

And…this is what Brian wanted you to know:

“LOVE my Andersons. Played these two every night.”

“I had my Andersons out on a 5 week tour of Canada with Paul Brandt. At some points it was - 50° and my guitars were on the semi for 15 hours. Every time they were pulled off of the truck, they were ready to play. How many guitars can you say could do this?”

“The thing about my Anderson guitars is that they are perfect. Every detail from frets to finish. The consistency of these, guitar-playing-wise, is unbelievable. Mine travel quite a bit and have had zero issues going from climate to climate. This is amazing.”

Brian also wanted us to mention that he always uses Elixir strings—always—and feels that they are a big contributing factor to his playing and performance consistency.

Thanks Brian and Paul. Happy Anderson Gigging.