The offset styled guitar that was designed from the outset to play, exquisitely well


Raven in Sparkle Charcoal

Your most profound offset style guitar dreams have become a reality. Now you can step on stage with the avant garde look of an offset and have the Anderson assurance that you are strapped into a unique instrument that will perform peerlessly in your hands. 

  • Balanced, lightweight and stable, a joy to strap on and play all night long.

  • Not over-sized or undersized but a body of just right proportions. it immediately feels like your old, best friend, that is full of brand new excitement and experiences.

  • A solid foundation supports unparalleled tone and resonance, where every sonic nuance rings out with alacrity.

As usual, our reliable intonation and tuning stability makes Raven a joy to play with any and every style of music.  No worries, just plug and play with wild abandon.


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