NAMM 2018 - Day 3


Even More Fun - Day 3 of the 2018 NAMM Show!
Come on in our booth and enjoy, let us show you more.
Yes, it is Cobra S in Atlantic Storm:
Featuring, what has become, a extremely-popular pickup configuration of Soapbar in the neck position and Humbucker at the bridge.  With the right switching (which Cobra has, of course) this can be a very versatile layout, yielding quite an array of super-enjoyable sounds.  Cobra’s mahogany-powered muscle will be arriving at Make’n Music right after the show.
The amazing Drop Mongrel:
Stopping traffic in the aisles with its unique S-pickguard atop a T-body shape (hence the name, Mongrel—a mix). Its stunning Flame Maple Top is finished in the lush shade of Honey (burst) Surf.  Have it all in one guitar.  On its way to Northwest Guitars in Bellevue, Washington, for one of their fantastic customers.   
Robert…?  No Bob…Bobcat:
In Cajun Teal has Carved Top, Single Cut players in pure bliss.  Boundless bending and silly in-tune performance as musical humbuckers roar to life, supported and enhanced with Bobcat’s short-scale, Mahogany voice.  Music Zoo will see “Robert” in person soon after the NAMM Show. 
Angel in Natural Bora to Transparent Blue Burst:
Could it look any more like the ocean’s currents without actually jumping in with board shorts? Gorgeous 24 fret guitar and the majesty of nature.  Headed to Cosmo Music in Toronto, Canada right after surfing at NAMM.  
And speaking of angelic Angels:
Could anything be better than giant Quilted Maple with Natural Orange Burst?  Especially when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are playing the best guitar on…Earth.  And speaking of Earth, this guitar is headed to Eddie’s Guitar in Maplewood, Missouri, U.S.A., Planet Earth (that’s your planet).
Stay tuned for more from Namm 2018!

NAMM 2018 - Day 2


And the Anderson Fun Continues at the 2018 NAMM Show, welcome back. Come on in and hang out with us!
So... what’s with the two old Andersons in the Booth? I thought the NAMM show was all about what’s new? Well they may look perfectly old but these two guitars are actually showing off our new/old “In-Distress” finishes. 
First up it is an Icon Classic:
Arrayed in a Seafoam Green finish that is “In-Distress"—nicely worn. But make no mistake this Icon performs with full Anderson magnificence in every area.  And…check out the amp Mesa made to complement.  Both headed to The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney TX.
The new Anderson T-Icon boasts of its years of experience with an “In-Distress” Sonic Blue finish:
Want to talk about a guitar with attitude? This is it!  And of course, Anderson’s superior playing prowess is available to you in every ounce of this T-Icon’s essence.  Headed to Sound Pure in Durham North Carolina.
The iridescent glow of our Natural Yellow Sun:
Radiating from this Drop Top Classic’s stellar Quilted Maple Top, literally (not merely figuratively) has people stopping in their tracks to exclaim over its beauty and warmth. This was probably Laurie’s favorite guitar finish and Eddie’s Guitars and Anderson chose this shade for NAMM in honor of her deep caring for all of us.  Do we miss her?  Yes, we do!
Arctic Blue Burst, Drop Top:
With our very popular “Recessed Floating Tremolo” bridge and dramatic Ziricote Fingerboard, this Drop Top is warming hearts with its utter coolness—both in color and performance.  This one headed to Matt’s Music—a really fantastic store in the Boston area.
The Ravens came out to play in a big way:
First up Superbird—gorgeous, fit and properly-sized Offset body with an all-Mahogany superstructure—both body and neck back—and 24 3/4-inch scale length, make this guitar naturally crank out aggressive midrange muscle.  TV Yellow finish highlights its Mahogany body.  Want to touch it?  Contact Distinctive Guitars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Raven Classic:
Finished in Ruby Slippers and “killer.”  Everyone loves it!  And the new Anderson J-Trem plays with excellence: Silly In-Tune Tremolo Function, Fantastic Intonation, Precisely Adjustable String-to-Fingerboard Radius, Tremolo Arm Tension Rotation is Easily Adjustable.
And…also headed to McKinney Texas and The Guitar Sanctuary.
And last but not least, we have a bunch of great players treating us to some amazing demos in the booth. Here's the spectacular Funtwo, having lots of "fun" with his Classic, and an overhead view of the booth and the incredible player and consummate performer Jason Kui:
That's it for now, but stay tuned for Day 3!

NAMM 2018 - Day 1


Welcome to the Anderson Guitarworks booth at the 2018 NAMM Show!
Come on in and hang out with us! And speaking of hanging, we have the most luscious Anderson Guitars that you have ever laid NAMM Show-eyes on, hanging around in our booth. 
First up is Drop Top, Koa:
Anderson now offers only Private Reserve Koa for it’s Koa-topped guitars, and you can certainly see why...and Koa-lovers love it. This one will be on its way to Northeast Music Center once it has made everyone here at NAMM silly-happy.
Guardian Angel in Sweet & Sour Sauce Red—is definitely sweet:
Super-power 24 fret Master with a gorgeous maple top in combination with time-honored pickguard styling—hence the name, “Guardian” Angel.  This one complemented with a Caramel Maple neck and crowned with a custom Red Logo.
This is a color that our beloved friend and business partner, Laurie, appropriately named and it has been a favorite ever since. Laurie left us late last year and yes we miss her a lot but feel her loving and generous spirit with us everyday—still here. This one was chosen by Make’n Music in Chicago for its style…and for its sweet color.
And of course, T-Icon is here:
Yes, the already-legendary T Icon is at NAMM.  Although many like to pronounce it: Tie Con as all one word—for fun.  Ticon.  You may say it either way. This one finished in Transparent Brown over a Swamp Ash Body and a Chocolate Maple Neck—gives the look of an all-rosewood T, but with Ash/Maple tonalities. Leaning on a Mark Five: 35 in Surf Green, that was custom made for this Show by Mesa, the guitar will go to Mass Street Music and the amp to The Guitar Sanctuary—to blend with another Anderson Guitar yet to be seen.
Topping this Top T Classic, it is Caramel Maple:
At last you can see what a Caramel Maple Top really looks like topping a Top T Classic body. This is its natural coloration and naturally dramatic flame. Only the edges of the body are shaded with a light Transparent Honey. 
Mike Campese - full throttle:
Jammin’ his Anderson as a crowd gathered. Smooth and flowing legato runs at speed made for an impressing NAMM Performance that left those watching and enjoying in elation.
Stay tuned for Day 2 of NAMM 2018! 

What's New in 2018?

Happy New Years! We wish you all the best in the coming year. What's new at Anderson Guitarworks? Well, here's a few things for now, but stay tuned - much more to come!
12-06-17A_bamp_T-Icon_Shell Pink.jpg

The new T-Icon



A more traditional refinement of our T-Classic. With an Anderson-modified Vintage T-Style bridge, traditional pickguard trim, 3-Way layout, solid or hollow body chambers, and more.

Stay tuned for more details!

Recessed Floating Tremolo



A popular addition to our hardware options, this Anderson-modified bridge features slick low-profile, locking saddles,and is available on most models. Floating is fun!

NS banner.png

New location for 2018



We'll be moving upstairs at NAMM this year - come see us at Booth 5226 in Hall D - we'll have a surprise or two!

Register Your Guitar



We've added a Register Your Guitar feature - click here or look under the Support tab for more info.


In Remembrance of Laurie McCutcheon Berg


Laurie McCutcheon Berg, dear friend, colleague, and long-time business partner of Tom Anderson, passed away on September 23, 2017. 
Laurie’s contribution to the success of Tom Anderson Guitarworks cannot be overvalued. For someone whose role was to handle the “business” side of the company, she was never influenced by the numbers—she always believed that a good idea was worth pursuing. For Laurie, anything was possible, and she worked to make it so. 
We here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks will miss Laurie in so many ways but especially as a friend with whom we shared a long history of “let’s make this company a loving place that we want to come to every day.” 
As news of Laurie’s illness and passing made its way through our network of dealers, vendors, and customers, we were moved to hear so many stories of how people were touched by Laurie’s friendship. Whether a store owner, rock star, vendor, or just someone who loves our guitars, the stories of her kindness and infectious laughter were always the same. To many, customers and vendors are merely business acquaintances, but to Laurie they were family. 
So today we share the joy of her life and the sorrow of her passing with you, our extended family. 
Thank you for your friendship and good wishes,
Tom Anderson and Crew



Anderson TV: Episode 10


Who's that with the well-appointed Candy Apple Red Raven? None other than Tim Pierce, the legendary session guitarist with way more credits than we could list. He's also an incredible teacher, and here he takes us through his part from Michael Jackson's "Black or White", and talks about the backstory of the song's development.
Check out more from Tim, and his Anderson guitars, on his Youtube channel and his website.

Live from NAMM: Day Four


Sunday, our last day here at the NAMM show. We're all a bit tired, but the days go by quick when you're surrounded by good friends and good guitars...


Speaking of good friends, here's Teddy - making a funny face of guitar delight. He owns Make'n Music in Chicago, IL. He ordered both the Cobra S (left) in the very popular Satin Atlantic Storm, as well as the Drop Top (right) in Cajun Red Reverse Surf.  


Many consider Cobra S to be the most formidable Anderson to exist in "S" form.  It's Mahogany superstructure and shorter 24 3/4 scale length give it impressive and unparalleled midrange prowess.   This one (left) in Satin Atlantic Storm, easily focuses its powerband and demonstrates its versatility through our PH1 pickup at the neck and full voice HC2 humbucker in the bridge position.
The Drop Top (right) is loaded with SC1 neck and middle pickups, and a hot H3 in the bridge.  SCs sing with a lush and vibrant, hum-free, vintage vibe that makes easy and sweet work of your single coil duties.  H3, our original super screamin' humbucker, sings as a super-powered humbucker but still possesses tremendous amounts of gorgeous soul.


And because we know you wanted a closer look - Cajun Red Reverse Surf. Nice choice Teddy!
That's it for now, but keep checking back in What's New and Guitar Tales. We'll have more from the show to show you later! 



Live from NAMM: Day Three


It's back to sunny skies outside for our Saturday here at the NAMM show, let's see what we have to show you today...


Here's something on the classic side of things: a Hollow T Classic, in Tobacco Burst. With an Ash body and Ash top, a short-scale Caramel Maple neck along with HF1- and TF3 pickups, it can cover a wide range, and has had quite a few people rethinking what a T guitar can do. 


One of those was Will McFarlane (left), who came back for another round of Anderson Guitarworks exploration - we're always glad to see him, and especially to hear his incredible playing. While he was in the booth, he ran into Michael Lent (right), another session and touring guitarist extraordinaire who's plays for Barry Manilow and so many others. Michael was enjoying this gorgeous Drop Top with a Koa top, Rosewood neck, HSH pickup combo and a Floyd Rose locking trem.


Lastly for today, here's a fiery Drop Top Classic in Natural Red Burst. With a maple neck, SC1 and HC3 pickups, it's ready for anything.
Check back tomorrow for more from the show! Update: click here for Day Four

Live from NAMM 2017: Day Two


It's pouring rain today in typically sunny Anaheim, CA, so come inside the Anderson Guitarworks booth with us, let's see what's going on...
So far this year, Superbird has been one of the ones that everyone wants to plug in and put through its paces - and who wouldn't want to - with it's lightweight but tone-heavy Mahogany body and neck construction, playable short-scale length, versatile PH1 and HC2 humbuckers, and classic T.V. White finish, it both plays and looks the part.
Here's a few of the lucky ones that managed to edge their way in for a Superbird test-flight (left to right): Leah Wellbaum of Slothrust, Will McFarlane of Muscle Shoals fame and so much more, and Zach Person whom you may have seen on American Idol. All agreed that Superbird is the what an offset guitar should, and can, be - and we all agreed these guys can play, do check them out!


And for those that are looking for the newest of the new, check out this stunning Drop Top. With several new tone-wood options: a Caramelized Flame Maple top, both inherently dramatic and refined, paired perfectly with a matching Caramel Maple neck, and a Ziricote fingerboard - a great new option for those looking to step outside the usual realms of Rosewood, but not too far.
We look forward to bringing you more from the show, check back tomorrow! Update: click here for Day Three