NAMM 2018 - Day 2


And the Anderson Fun Continues at the 2018 NAMM Show, welcome back. Come on in and hang out with us!
So... what’s with the two old Andersons in the Booth? I thought the NAMM show was all about what’s new? Well they may look perfectly old but these two guitars are actually showing off our new/old “In-Distress” finishes. 
First up it is an Icon Classic:
Arrayed in a Seafoam Green finish that is “In-Distress"—nicely worn. But make no mistake this Icon performs with full Anderson magnificence in every area.  And…check out the amp Mesa made to complement.  Both headed to The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney TX.
The new Anderson T-Icon boasts of its years of experience with an “In-Distress” Sonic Blue finish:
Want to talk about a guitar with attitude? This is it!  And of course, Anderson’s superior playing prowess is available to you in every ounce of this T-Icon’s essence.  Headed to Sound Pure in Durham North Carolina.
The iridescent glow of our Natural Yellow Sun:
Radiating from this Drop Top Classic’s stellar Quilted Maple Top, literally (not merely figuratively) has people stopping in their tracks to exclaim over its beauty and warmth. This was probably Laurie’s favorite guitar finish and Eddie’s Guitars and Anderson chose this shade for NAMM in honor of her deep caring for all of us.  Do we miss her?  Yes, we do!
Arctic Blue Burst, Drop Top:
With our very popular “Recessed Floating Tremolo” bridge and dramatic Ziricote Fingerboard, this Drop Top is warming hearts with its utter coolness—both in color and performance.  This one headed to Matt’s Music—a really fantastic store in the Boston area.
The Ravens came out to play in a big way:
First up Superbird—gorgeous, fit and properly-sized Offset body with an all-Mahogany superstructure—both body and neck back—and 24 3/4-inch scale length, make this guitar naturally crank out aggressive midrange muscle.  TV Yellow finish highlights its Mahogany body.  Want to touch it?  Contact Distinctive Guitars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Raven Classic:
Finished in Ruby Slippers and “killer.”  Everyone loves it!  And the new Anderson J-Trem plays with excellence: Silly In-Tune Tremolo Function, Fantastic Intonation, Precisely Adjustable String-to-Fingerboard Radius, Tremolo Arm Tension Rotation is Easily Adjustable.
And…also headed to McKinney Texas and The Guitar Sanctuary.
And last but not least, we have a bunch of great players treating us to some amazing demos in the booth. Here's the spectacular Funtwo, having lots of "fun" with his Classic, and an overhead view of the booth and the incredible player and consummate performer Jason Kui:
That's it for now, but stay tuned for Day 3!