NAMM 2018 - Day 1


Welcome to the Anderson Guitarworks booth at the 2018 NAMM Show!
Come on in and hang out with us! And speaking of hanging, we have the most luscious Anderson Guitars that you have ever laid NAMM Show-eyes on, hanging around in our booth. 
First up is Drop Top, Koa:
Anderson now offers only Private Reserve Koa for it’s Koa-topped guitars, and you can certainly see why...and Koa-lovers love it. This one will be on its way to Northeast Music Center once it has made everyone here at NAMM silly-happy.
Guardian Angel in Sweet & Sour Sauce Red—is definitely sweet:
Super-power 24 fret Master with a gorgeous maple top in combination with time-honored pickguard styling—hence the name, “Guardian” Angel.  This one complemented with a Caramel Maple neck and crowned with a custom Red Logo.
This is a color that our beloved friend and business partner, Laurie, appropriately named and it has been a favorite ever since. Laurie left us late last year and yes we miss her a lot but feel her loving and generous spirit with us everyday—still here. This one was chosen by Make’n Music in Chicago for its style…and for its sweet color.
And of course, T-Icon is here:
Yes, the already-legendary T Icon is at NAMM.  Although many like to pronounce it: Tie Con as all one word—for fun.  Ticon.  You may say it either way. This one finished in Transparent Brown over a Swamp Ash Body and a Chocolate Maple Neck—gives the look of an all-rosewood T, but with Ash/Maple tonalities. Leaning on a Mark Five: 35 in Surf Green, that was custom made for this Show by Mesa, the guitar will go to Mass Street Music and the amp to The Guitar Sanctuary—to blend with another Anderson Guitar yet to be seen.
Topping this Top T Classic, it is Caramel Maple:
At last you can see what a Caramel Maple Top really looks like topping a Top T Classic body. This is its natural coloration and naturally dramatic flame. Only the edges of the body are shaded with a light Transparent Honey. 
Mike Campese - full throttle:
Jammin’ his Anderson as a crowd gathered. Smooth and flowing legato runs at speed made for an impressing NAMM Performance that left those watching and enjoying in elation.
Stay tuned for Day 2 of NAMM 2018!