CObra S


This is Cobra…with a sculpted S-shape body…yes, still a guitar that will peerlessly command the show.

cobra S in Natural Mahogany Back

For those in the know, who have discovered the obvious advantages, Cobra is their peerless secret weapon of power and midrange aggression—that can still impressively finesse when needed.

Nothing quite like it in the guitar world—and every Cobra player knows it.

But there are those who love “S” shaped guitar styling so much that they wish for Cobra performance…but with an S shape body.

Cobra S is the guitar of outlandish power and focused midrange muscle for the S guitar player.  No more compromises for players seeking mids from this genre—crushing, giant midrange muscle abounds.

Cobra and Coba S have been an Anderson favorite for a long time now.  In 1996, Cobra S took its rightful place alongside the renown Cobra, to add the same Cobra crush to the "S" body style. Taking over the (musical) world with an "S" just got a lot easier.

Cobra S is:

  • Short Scale - 24 3/4-inch strings length. Focused mids, easier reaching and bending.
  • Mahogany Construction: a powerful mahogany foundation of body and neck backs up all Cobra S has to say with midrange muscle.
  • Sleek and svelte, non pickguard "S" delineation.
  • Twin humbuckers - other Anderson pickup options available as well.
  • Simple and versatile switching to access all viable sounds available.

  • Bridge - fully functional vintage-type tremolo or fixed bridge, both with string-through-the-body design for increased saddle tension, offering low-end vibrancy and a bit of a bite, tonally speaking.

Cobra S in Natural Black to Red Burst